Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Sewing in Review

Like many fellow sewing bloggers, I wanted to look back at what I accomplished last year. It was quite fun for me to see what I made, I didn't think it was that much but... well, it is!

No sewing in January. Oversized dress (post in Swedish from my old blog), 70's Shirt Dress, the first new project I posted when I started this blog in March! 30's Pants, Matching jacket for 30's pants, 60's shift dress, 40's beach ensemble.

No sewing in May either, because I was working day and night finishing up my Master Thesis in Management, researching how career women are portrayed in daily newspapers, and how those pictures affect us in our daily lives at work. Super fun study, but oh so time consuming.

Somewhere around here I started to actually buy fabrics I like, instead of just grabbing what I had lying around since the dawn of times. For a long while I did very little sewing, and had a pretty dull stash, where almost everything was of the "what on earth am I going to make with this"-kind. No wonder I never felt like making anything!

Birthday dress, Hand sewn fleece jacket, Midi skirt, 70's glam girl party dress This is when I first joined Sew Weekly, and began to follow the weekly challenges. Many, but not all, of the following garments have been made because of Sew Weekly!, The Plaid suit, The 'When life gives you lemons' dress, The Homage to Mucha dress, The Ghetto Fab Grafitti dress, The growing corduroy pants 

All in all, 33 finished garments, and two unfinished. Not bad I must say! 

I have learned so much the past year, and found so much love and support in other sewing bloggers that inspire me to get better and better. I am very exited to see what new and fun things 2012 will bring!

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  1. Great recap! I must say your year end Dior New Look self drafted dress is my absolute favourite (well, I do love all of your outfits and then there was your 30's style nautical top....) but that DRESS IS AMAZING! Here's to another year of sewing!!