Thursday, January 5, 2012

The 'Oh, right' sweater

Oh, right as in 'I had totally forgotten about making this one and found it buried in a pile of clothes in the bedroom'.

Guess I made 34 garments last year then! Cause I haven't forgot about anything else, or have I? Don't think so, therefore:

Looking very fancy in my Christmas 2011 PJ-pants. This sweater is made from a super heavy knit fabric, I have no idea what's in it but it's nice and warm anyway! (And loaded with static electricity, heh...)

No pattern used, I improvised something like this: (I'm sorry but I love that it looks like a 3-year old did this sketch. I made it in good old program Paint because I didn't feel like sketching on paper and dragging out the camera again!)

Anyway so the simple instructions goes like this: I cut the bodice, folded in half and cut out the neckline using a sweater I like as a reference. The sleeves were first attached to the bodice then I sewed the side seam and sleeve together in one seam going from waist to wrist! Since I don't own a serger I folded and zigzagged the edges.

It's probably impossible to see, but the dark stripes are not black but a very lovey moss green.

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