Saturday, January 7, 2012

Inspiration collage for something blue...

Going over what I sewed last year made me realize a few things...

#1 I need to make more separates
#2 I want to make more blue things

So, starting 2012 sewing with the accessory challenge over at Sew Weekly, here's my inspiration.

My inspiration comes from three accessories (I couldn't just pick one, being little miss styling&accessorizing). The first is mum's party shoes from the 1970's, they are light blue, amazing, and still wearable! The second inspiration is a wonderful old necklace I got from dad on (I think) my 20th birthday. And the third one is a Friis&Co. bag that has this lovely rococo-ish print!

As usual I don't have a pattern for what I want to make, but a peasant blouse can't really be that hard after drafting and sewing the Dior style dress I wore on New Years.

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