Monday, April 23, 2012

Home. My home.

My home.

After the ordeals of this weekend's move, the unexpected sadness... I thought I was supposed to feel good about being by myself, after all it's all I wished for these last months. But no. Thankfully I'm not the kind to gravel, so I built furniture and started (and got quite far in) making this MY home. Most of the things my ex took with him when he moved out were in the living room, guest room and "office". I focused on getting the living room and the office in order. One great thing is that the new office/work room has a very long desk where I can fit in both computer and sewing machine. Hello creativity! And speaking of creativity, the living room corner below is my inspiration corner. It makes me happy just looking at the picture.

Fashion magazine stacking NYC style, my easel, a camel saddle that my grandfather got on one of his business trips decades ago, and my dads old banjo (in it's case). (And Totoro!) I love this corner. The only change I'll make here is put a very colorful painting where the ships are now. Something Chagall-style. I just need to find me a very very big canvas.
Finally two bookshelves! I do need to get the art up on the walls though.
The sewing corner of the office. Pattern collection sorted by decade, and loads of pattern magazines.
 My office/sewing room. This used to be the darkest room of the apartment, so you can imagine how happy I am about this solution!

So, just a small update, but I'm so happy with the results so far, I really wanted to share :)

Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

D-day in my-ex-moving-out-day. I'm sorry about bombing the blog with these things. It'll be over soon, trust me. Then I'll be posting loads about sewing, fashion, inspiration and most likely quite a lot about home decor/interior design as I make this place my HOME!

For now, more inspiration pictures, just because I can, I need to focus on the good things, and a girl can dream, right?

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Friday, April 20, 2012

A new day...

And this is all I had to say today. Hope you will all have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Where did she go?

I bet some of you were wondering that, right?

(I just wrote this post, version 1, about how everything has been going really crappy for me the last year or so, was adding the pictures at the end when blogger crashed, and ta-da! Apparently no more autosave to draft! Didn't see that one coming, 30 minutes of writing gone. Oh the irony!)

Well anyway, here's take 2, and I hope you don't mind the blog being just a bit overly personal just this once. (If you don't want to know, scroll down and look at some lovely interior design inspiration instead!)

Last summer, this little Miss Overachiever burned-out, spent months in the couch staring at the wall. I did of course spend quite a lot of time in front of the sewing machine as well (as I think you know), now that's great therapy! Then - no job for the latter of fall and all winter (both because I just didn't have the energy and because the market isn't exactly peachy). Somewhere in this mess, the relationship I've been in for the last few years went belly up and died. So the last few months have been all about what to do next, who is going to move, and where to, and what will I do if I can't find a job... With all those things rambling around in my head like a bunch of wild boar there has been absolutely no room for sewing. But then finally a month ago I did find a job, and a quite good one actually, so I'll be able to support myself again. Now in two days my ex is moving out, and in between the chaos, the boxes and bags, I have decided to stay here, in my big apartment.

Maybe now I can get something done again, in a time not too far away! I have so many great ideas! I just need to get me a desk/sewing table. I have looked at a big one I can use for both purposes at IKEA, quite cheap but really ugly. However at this point I don't care. It's not always about the furniture, a lot can be done to make a room look great anyway!  I've been reading a lot of home decor magazines and blogs the last week, inspired to make this place more "me" in the near future. It's all about color!

We'll see what happens, but for now I wanted to share some of my favorite inspiration pictures of gorgeous homes at this moment.

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