Saturday, May 19, 2012

Teeny tiny violets

Pictures taken outside my mum and dads house in the Swedish archipelago. These lovely little flowers are about five cm (two inches) high. Mum laughed at me crawling around, camera just above ground, butt in the air, it must have looked hilarious!

Whenever life seems dark, looking at beautiful flowers like these help me get back up.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Colorful details

Still no sewing, but at least some of making my home pretty! Last Friday (less than a week from the big separation and moving out chaos) one of my cats managed to open the door to the laundry room, jump up onto some loose shelves tearing down them and five empty flower pots, this resulting in a shard cutting off his Achilles tendon (OUCH!). Pretty much as much bad luck as possible, according to the Vet, that tendon is not easy to break :( So, Murphy's law is very much at work in my life... Now, ten weeks of miserable cat in plaster to look forward to. Lovely!

Oh well, whenever things actually do calm down (like, next year or so, lol), the very first thing on the list of things I want to make is something along the lines of these gorgeous Giorgio Armani silk pants from the spring 2012 collection. (I might have mentioned these before...). Only I think I'll put the zipper in the back instead, less weird bulk over the belly... After all I'm not model skinny... (thank God!) :)

I have the perfect fabric already in my stash, a crazy cheap charity shop find (20SEK, that's like 3$, insane!)

Oh and by the way, those shoes in the bookshelf in the first pic? Mum's party shoes from the 1970's. Way too cool to be hidden in a cabinet.