Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas presents for mum and sis!

Time to show what I made my mum and my sis for Christmas!

My mum Marianne got a silky stretch dress, inspired by this:

And my sister Olivia got a cotton tunic, made from a pattern that my great grandmother used in 1960! Here's the inspiration for that one:

The handwriting on the pattern envelope (top right corner) is Elsa's in pencil and my mother's in ink. 

I am so happy this pattern and a few others have not only been saved through time, but also have some notes on who used the pattern and when! 

Now, here's the result of my sewing! Don't they look happy? 
A few pictures of construction details below. I spent a lot of time making these as pretty on the inside as the outside, realizing that, even though it's time consuming, it's very much worth it! It's so pleasing to look at a garment that has a beautiful finish!

I also realized that sewing in polyester satin is horrible. Another lesson learned.


  1. What beautiful presents for your mom and sister, and How wonderful that you have your granny's patterns.. Know that is really exciting and treasured.
    Happy sewing.

  2. What a great present for each of them. I wish I had patterns from my mother or grandmother, but they were not the type to save anything!

  3. Your mother and sister look so happy in their lovely new things.. well done! Lovely work!