Friday, December 30, 2011

Self Drafted New Years Party Dress (Part 4)

The Christmas party dress that became a New Years party dress is finally finished! My dream dress, the biggest accomplishment in my sewing career so far. The self drafted version of a Dior New Look dress, just like back in 1947!

(To see how this all started: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, only a click away)

For once, I will try not to drown this with words... the pictures can speak for themselves (there are lots of them)

And, for comparison, in case you did not see it or have forgot, the inspiration collage I made before I started sketching:

The last bits of construction, and some detail photos below! It took forever to pin all those folds on four meters of skirt fabric!

The shawl collar goes through a loop at mid front, and can be folded through or around it in several ways.

The combination of zipper and lacing in the back makes it possible for me to wear the dress both with my corset underneath, as I do in the photos, and without. (Corsets and dinner parties just won't do!)

Tiny hidden hand stitches to keep the collar in place above, and folded detail on sleeve on the right. The folds gives the sleeve a slight curve and some extra room at the elbow!

Tomorrow night I'll be wearing this for our New Years Eve party, I'm so glad I finished in time!

Happy New Years everyone!


  1. OMG. OMG. This is ABSOLUTELY stunning! Way to go--what a major accomplishment! I am totally in awe! I love every part of this dress!!

  2. That fabric is amazing .Fabulous dress too . Be fantastic for New Year

  3. Wow! I'm impressed! What sources/books did you use to learn how to draft your own pattern? How did you design and post your "Inspiration Collage"? Sorry so many questions. I'm just so amazed by your drafting, sewing and your collage.

  4. Exceptional! I love the zip and lacing combination, what a fab idea. It looks well-drafted, well-sewn and beautiful on you!

  5. Amazing. I really like the collar. The whole thing is stunning.

  6. Oh it really is amazing! And the skirt, there isn't words! Good job and a happy new year!

  7. What. Lovely dress! Would you like to post  your project on my Sew & Tell Saturday linky party at my blog this Saturday? Its geared specifically for sewing projects !
    Justine @ Sew Country Chick

  8. Oops i didnt realize you already posted your dress Ewellyn. I was lookingat dresses at Sew Weekly and saw yours and had to stop b without looking at my linky party first. Have fun tonigh in your dress!

  9. Wow! i love this dress! You look amazing.

  10. Wow! That is just beautiful! Amazing and just right to party in!

  11. It just beautiful what a great design!!