Monday, December 19, 2011

Self Drafted Christmas Party Dress, Part 3.

Nope, not done with the dress.

Here's my process so far: The bodice is almost done, the shawl collar is halfway on, it's made in two rectangles sewn together, and I've stitched the bottom one to the bodice so far. Here it's pinned in place. After playing around with the fabric on my dress form, I decided that the collar would probably have the best drape if I didn't cut it shaped after the neckline. (If shaped like neckline, it would lay flat out towards the shoulders, but I want mine big, standing up and fluffy!)

Side view of the huge collar.

Back view. I love how the collar makes the waist look tiny! 

Detail of the back. The dress will have both a back zipper and lacing, to make the width adjustable, in case I want to use my corset underneath to get that really tiny New Look waist! Sewing those round holes for the lacing was not fun at all, but I really like the result!

So, one might wonder - why not done? As always, life got in the way, this time first with general stress and then a not so nice faceplant into some water and a rock due to very slippery leaves when I was out on a photo expedition. Luckily I didn't break anything, but ended up with a pretty disgusting bruised fat lip and ugly scratches on my upper lip and chin.

The last pics I managed to take...

... and now my face looks kind of like this:

A few days before Christmas. Great timing, really. Thank God I'm mostly going to stay in with my family. And that I can hopefully get this dress done when we get back home three days before New Years and wear it then.

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