Sunday, March 6, 2011


Yay! My 70's shirt dress is done! And I am not too big for it, even more yay! (I was really worried for a while, since the sizes then were not the same as they are today, especially considering waist measurements...)

Here is what it looks like!

And if I want to add a little colour to it... I just add a scarf! Just like in the old days :)

I have already started on my next project, couldn't keep my hands off. I will stay in the same era for two more garments... You will get to see what it's gonna be next time!


  1. Love your dress. It looks great on you. And welcome to blog land. I'll be checking in to see your new creations.

  2. Hi! Welcome to sew retro, now I became your follower I'll be waiting your post, I love to "discover" new blogs about sewing.
    You did a great job and your shoes are perfect for the dress!