Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So - this is my attempt at making a blog that will revolve around all fashion-y things that can be hand made.

When I was a kid, my mom knitted probably a hundred sweaters, made crochet cloths and sewed a lot of things. Because of her and of my never ending desire to create, my love for classic and vintage clothing, and a dream of a wardrobe that fits me, I sew.

For those of you who wonder, the reason I want to write this blog in English, and not in Swedish which is my native language, is that I want to connect with other people around the world who share my passion for these things.

Here are some of the things I have made so far... (Sort of a "best of...") But this is only the beginning!

Super simple dress, made in one evening, feb '11

Formal dress made for my friend for her studentexamen, which is compareable to an American High School graduation. Made spring '05

Medieval themed dress, in three pieces: undergarment, apron, and dress that ties in the front. Made winter '09

Dress made for a friend in '07, the reason I am in it is that I wanted to keep a picture of how it was constructed before I gave it away!

Simple 50's style summer dress, made in '08

My own studentexamen dress, worn in '04, but I think it was made in '02 or '03... Long ago...

And finally, my cute sister in her studentexamen dress, made and worn spring '07

That's it, my first post on this blog. I am currently working on a 70's dress, you will see it as soon as I'm done! (Unless I'm too fat for it!)

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