Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Made the muslin work... then made a dress!

Yay, I managed to make the muslin work! A lot thanks to my mum, who scanned and emailed me some of the papers from her pattern book, along with my old sketch of a pattern!

There were a lot of alterations that I needed to make and/or combine that were not even mentioned in either the pattern book from the 50's or in other books I have on the subject. But anyway, now it works. So I could not help myself but to test it right away! I was supposed to work on my thesis today...that did not happen. Dress happened. :)

I had just gotten a small piece of vintage fabric in the mail, I won it in an auction on Tradera (like ebay, but the Swedish version), super cheap! However there fabric piece was small, really small. 90*100cm, that is. I used my new pattern, cut it almost without any seam allowances and hoped for the best... Since both my bust and hip measurements are right about 100cm, this was a bit of a chance. But I figured, if I can't fit into it, I can sell it or give it to a smaller sized friend :) Apart from it being very short, I think it turned out great! Obviously it is not a 50's kind of dress, but, hey, it's a dress!

Here's a bunch of pics!

My old pattern design... Still needed to fix a few things after that one.


  1. LOVE the fabric!! I think it looks super cute on you :)

  2. Lovely! I didn't know you had a blog

  3. Pretty fabric! I like the dress =)