Monday, March 28, 2011

First muslin: major fail

Haha, making the first muslin from my attempt at a base pattern was an absolute disaster. I think I tweeked it 13 times and it still didn't look right. It's the boobs, I know it. And the fact that I'm not of average hight.

Like I said yesterday, the pattern making instructions in this book are not as helpful in the actual mathematical construction department as one could wish... Now I remember why the last time I did this, I spent a whole day on the floor with paper, calculator and different kinds of rulers, both straight, curved and for measuring angles...

Anyway, so instead I started to search the web for size charts, especially ones for tall women, like me. Which of course just made me mad, because A: no such size chart seem to exist these days, B: as soon as you start searching for women's tall sizes, a bazillion of ads for big-and-tall clothing appears ("hello, are you a huge ogre? come shop in our store, we accept you just the way you are..." *please observe that this does not mean I dislike bigger sized girls - it's just annoying to me because I know I'm tall, not big...*)

I just hope I can manage to get this base pattern working so that at least the things I sew can be super well fitted! The problem I am trying to fix now is to get the waist to connect beautifully both to the bust and the hip. Quite hard... Worst case, it will have to wait until easter when I go back home to mum and dad. There I'll have the pattern making book mum had, with both measurement charts for short, medium and tall women as well as some more details in what other measurements I need to make the pattern work...

Updates on my "progress" will come soon! :)

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  1. All my pattern adjustment books (and my experience attests to its truth) say if you are over a C-cup, you start with a pattern that the bust measurement matches your OVERBUST (over the boob, under the armpit) and do a full bust adjustment to make it fit.