Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Pattern Book

This weekend I started to take the things I had read in my new (old) pattern book into practice! Project number one: make my own base pattern and try with a (wearable) muslin!

Since making patterns from scratch requires both some drawing skills, some math skills (to make sure all angles are right) and some guts to take your own actual measurements... I had put it off for a while. Or, well actually I have made one like this before, using my mothers book from when she studied pattern cutting. That book was way more detailed in how to make all the measurements right than the one I own now, so this took quite some time. Also that was maybe ten or twelve years ago (holy moly I am getting old!)... But hopefully it has turned out ok! I still haven't got to making the actual muslin, but as soon as I will, you will see how it goes!

Apart from the book not being very helpful with the mathematical part of pattern cutting, it is a GOLDMINE! It was printed in 1956, and is full of designs and pattern ideas for loads of 50's style tops, dresses and jackets!

Here are some pics!