Monday, March 21, 2011

Matching jacket for my 30's pants!

I sewed the jacket today! (First I was a good girl and did about 2/3 of my home exam... it's due tomorrow afternoon, so I will be finished with that in time too :) ) It feels really good to get back into the sewing habit, and be able to make things rather quick. This took me about three hours (but there's no lining...)! I'm still thinking about whether to put a ribbon in the front to tie it with or if I should just leave it open like this... Suggestions?

I am super happy with how the outfit turned out.. I think it looks so old style, classic and cute! If you scroll down, you find the whole story about the fabrics, the cutting, the pattern I used and all that stuff!

Here are a few pics of me in the pants and jacket!


  1. A bow would make it very vintage looking. Leaving it open makes it look a little more modern. Go with a bow on a pin-back and you can alternate according to mood.

  2. very lovely + and I agree a bow would make it complete.

  3. oohh! I love it! It fits perfectly and again, I adore that fabric!!