Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Book about pattern cutting plus new dress plans!

I had a bit of a drama yesterday... I was bidding - very last minute - on a book about pattern cutting from 1956 on Tradera, the Swedish equivalent of Ebay. And don't you think someone placed a much higher bid when there was about 30 seconds left! So I lost it. Absolutely furious I started to search the web for anywhere I could possibly find the book... I had almost given up when I found it through a second hand bookshop. Wohooooo!!! Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow, then I can bring it with me on the train home to my family this weekend so I can study some great vintage pattern cutting techniques!

I also bought some fabric today in a thrift store, a very light cotton with both stripes and flowers. I hope to be able to create some 50's take on using the fabric in a similar way it was used in this dress from 1774, and to fold in the flower pattern in the bodice so it  will be only striped and then let the flowers come out of the folds in the skirt and probably around the bust as well...

The picture is taken by me and is from an exhibition at V&A museum in London in 2008

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