Sunday, March 20, 2011

Finally the pants are done!

Wohoo, they are finished! These pants took such a long time to make, not because they were particularly hard to sew but because I got so bored somewhere after sewing all the big pieces together. I only had some details left to do.... and didn't touch my machine for a week. But anyway, the inspiration is back (could it be because I'm not really supposed to sew, I'm supposed to write a home exam on leadership...) and I did the rest of them this afternoon!

Here are loads of pics!

First of all, I will show you some of my inspiration for these pants! If you read my previous post, you already know that I have had the fabrics for a while, and planned to make pants and a matching jacket... The look I was aiming for was the pants of the early 30's, like in the pictures below!

(From the book Fashion: The Century of the Designer, Swedish edition)

After saying that, it is quite fun that the "fashion bible" of spring 2011 (from swedish Elle magazine) shows this.

But now, over to my own work! Here are the details for the bottom edges of the pants. There were not enough fabric so I had to make pieces that added on just enough length for the hemline... Perfectly annoying task, but it turned out good!

Unfinished pants...

Cute and cuddly little helper, happy seamstress

And then... They were done! Yay! And here is what they look like...

There are a few weird folds in the last pic, but thats just because I'm standing a bit twisted... And also the zipper isn't perfect, but hey, these are the first pants I make since... um, high school?

Nice huh? I love them! Next project - the tiny jacket to go with! (Or, well next project: home exam, but after that!)


  1. Lovely pants! I really love the blue color and the side fabric is so fantastic! Great job!!