Friday, August 5, 2011

And then suddenly - a dress!

...I think this can make me stop worrying about my sewing abilities.

The dress is made from a pattern I improvised together, and the fabrics are like I said in my last post two vintage bedsheets! I used the patterned fabric for the main bodice and outer layer skirt and the light green for the belt, bias binding and for the bottom layer skirt. The fabrics are so old and well used that they are super thin. This is very beautiful close up... and all but fun to work with, since it moved around and stretched very easily in all the wrong directions. Oh well! It fits a bit wonky in some places but generally I think it turned out really cute!


  1. WOW! What an amazing dress! I can't believe you improvised the pattern! It's amazing...and I love that it is made from bedsheets!!

  2. This is fantasic and such great colours too. well done

  3. So much inspiration ..... The dress is wonderful! And your face is naughty girl is perfect for it! Great!