Sunday, August 28, 2011

Finished: 70's glam girl party dress!

Better late than never! Just before the week is over - and by that "That 70's Sew" over at Sew Weekly, I managed to finish my dress! (Well, actually I was done half past ten last night, but I wanted to post some good pictures for once, so therefore I waited before blogging about it... ).

Without further ado: Here is the early 70's glam girl dress! (And me all glammed up in it!)

All the pictures from the photoshoot are a bit pale, It was very bright outside today and the dress is very very shiny so it reflects the light a lot!

I went all in with big hair parted in the middle, green eye shadow, loads of bronzer on the cheeks and peachy lipgloss... And I love it, hah!

This picture is the closest to what the dress colors looks like in real life!

Keeping to my new habit I did not have a pattern for the kind of dress I wanted to make, so I went online searching for inspiration, and possible pattern envelopes to use as guidance when drafting.

I showed you my inspiration collage in a post below - here are the patterns that I looked at before I drafted my own!

I don't have any exact year on either pattern, but I read somewhere that the 2235 Vogue one was featured in the Vogue pattern book dec/jan 1969/1970, so it's right there in the beginning! My pattern is 90% drafted from the 2235 Vogue, View E, except for the sleeves which I borrowed from the 8734 Vogue. I just love that dropped waist, it feels super elegant and glamorous!  I made a few more alterations, because of lack of fabric, as usual, I made the skirt just a half circle skirt instead of the full circle one that is on the original pattern.

When I drafted/cut the skirt, I realized I really didn't have enough fabric to make the skirt full length... (The fabric was only 90 cm wide.) To fix this I used the fabric scraps that were left to add a bit of length. You can see the detail here on the right. I really used every last bit of fabric, thus the big splice, and below it the smaller one! Lucky me the fabric is so busy it's even hard to see I did splice it! I am so happy I found out about my narrow hemmer foot as well, it really came in handy making that tiny hem in the end!

The fabric was one that I already had in my stash, and I have been wondering what on earth to do with it... until now, yay! I have no idea what kind of fabric it is, super shiny on the outside, and soft and cozy (almost like the inside of a sweatshirt) on the inside. Weird! Any of you who knows what it is? (I got it in a bag of different vintage fabrics, so I had no idea what I got at that time... or now.) Also - quite a difference in how the fabric colors look when inside and in close up, huh?!