Friday, August 26, 2011

Some new old(ish) patterns plus inspiration collage for my next dress!

So - I've been comfort shopping again. The other day I got some new patterns in the mail! This time I got a bunch of patterns for simpler everyday clothes, mostly from the late 80's to early 90's. I like these simple, classic patterns, some of the 80's/90's ones also have similarities to great 40's patterns, and they are perfect for making stuff to wear to work. (I don't actually have a job yet, summer has been a total pain in more ways than one, and now I have to try to either work out money issues to be able to finish up my studies this autumn or get a job. I'm trying for the latter.) In the bunch is a knitting pattern that I got as a bonus and a great underwear pattern as well! I got the whole bunch for less than 100SEK (that's about 15USD)! Yay!

I have started to use my duct tape dress form today, learning a couple of things:

*Just because I have a dress form doesn't mean draping paper patterns any more fun. I still hate that I have to change almost all commercial patterns because of those darn bazonkas.
*My personal pattern that I made to fit me, actually didn't fit me that well. (Still a lot better than the commercial ones though) I kinda already knew that since I always change it a bit once I cut the fabric and try it on a first time. Anyway now it fits!
*It is WOW so easy to draft a pattern when you can just drape the muslin over the dress form to shape the pattern pieces! I love this!

Here's what my mind is circling around right now...

Oh yes - I've seen the 70's theme over at Sew Weekly... Hopefully I'll be done with my dress before the week is over! ;)

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