Thursday, August 18, 2011

Secret project done! (oh yes, already!)

...So, I've been hand sewing all day. Literally all day. But hey, it is a really good way to make me feel better! No machine to fight with (only the knitting yarn I sewed with, but anyway), and a calming feeling of actually really making something with just my own hands! Almost like meditation! ;)

Turns out my crazy project was a good idea! Here it is: (including my funny face while I'm trying to tell my boyfriend who is taking the photos what I don't want to look like in them...)

It's a sixties jacket! Made of fleece... At first I just planned on using it as a nice warm thing to lounge around in at home on cold days but now that it's finished I really like it and think I will wear it a lot more than that! It's a little big, but considering I'm planning to use this when winter comes too it might not be bad to be able to fit in a sweater underneath as well, even if this thing is incredibly warm and cosy!

I used this Simplicity 7256 from 1967, and cut the jacket pieces, with some minor modifications because of the fabric.

The pockets are more to the front on my version (not exactly deliberate, but I am so not taking it apart and redoing those now! Also I went for another buttoning solution:

I did a small strip of crochet to close the buttons with using the same yarn as I used for sewing the whole jacket together! And yes, the buttons are three different kinds. But they are cute, and I only had one of each... I think it goes with the rest of the quirkyness and wonkyness of the jacket! :)


  1. WOW! This is AMAZING! I love all the stitching details and it looks so comfy! Great job!!!

  2. Querky, Classic and pure original. Love it.

  3. HI there, came over from sewretro. The handstitching detail on this jacket MAKES IT! Plus you're blowing me away with your ability to crochet a placket and button closure... I assure you I did not even know such a thing was possible. You win the crafty internets :o)

  4. Oh, man, that is so fantastic -- very inspiring!