Thursday, August 25, 2011

Duct tape dress form!

Today after dinner it was finally time to try to make that duct tape dress form! I've been wanting to make one for months, and finally I got around to try! Expectations were of course low, but me and my wonderful boyfriend figured it was worth a try. Without him this would so not have worked. Although he cut off my bra while getting me out. But anyway... I am lucky to have a boyfriend who really liked to make things out of paper and tape when he was a kid... So, as it turns out - my dress form became a lot better than expected!

And now for the ever so humiliating, but hilarious, pictures of the construction process!

You start with  an old t-shirt and cover the rest with plastic bags.

Then it's tape time. First a whole bunch of times around the torso, then crosswise over the bust area. About three layers are enough.

The tape goes on vertically on the upper back.

Almost finished...

All done!

Oh sweet joy - about to get out. Do not do this on a warm summer day, cause it gets really warm in there...

To get out, the tape bodice is cut along the mid back from bottom up to the neck. Just to make sure we wouldn't loose any measurements I marked center front, bustline and "side seams" with masking tape before we cut.

Once I was out of the tape and before we put it back together and filled it, this is what it looked like. Sumo, anyone?

The form is filled with old newspaper and a bag of fabric scraps. It's a little lumpy here and there, but hopefully that will even out in time.

To make the dress form pin-able I put on an old dress I never use. Looks fairly good if I may say so myself!

Me and my replica! This will be very helpful for pattern drafting! Wohoo, complicated constructions, here I come!

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