Friday, August 5, 2011

Vacation vintage finds!

So it turns out that being on vacation is not stopping me from starting new sewing projects! Mum and I have been doing some major house cleaning at mum and dads place for the last days, and I found this really cute old set of bedsheets in lovely greens. The fabrics are torn in a couple of places, but mostly still usable! Wohoo! But of course I didn't have any patterns here. After making a pattern, changing, making some other plans, doubting myself for a day and a half and so on (I think that 30's dress fabric disaster got to me) I dared cut the fabric. We'll see what happens next...

Also we found some things mum made when me and my brother and sister were kids that has been tucked away in some drawer for years. (What is it about 'good places' for stashing things? They really aren't good for very long, right?)

Mum gave me this knitted white cotton top! We also found a knitted 80's T-shirt which I really liked - and the pattern for it! I'm gonna keep the pattern, and make one for myself!

Also, I just love these old wooden floors in the house where I grew up. They've looked like this all my life.

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