Friday, August 12, 2011

Pig in a poke... (I bought some fabrics)

So, I was comfort shopping for fabrics on Tradera... Someone was selling bags of unused "fabrics". The seller had pictures of the fabric piles in the auctions, but stated that the fabrics in the bags "might not be all of/exactly the ones in the picture". I thought, ok, there's four auctions, she must have split the fabric piles after taking the pics. Oh silly me.

I got the two bags for a fairly good price, picked them up, got back home and... wait what? One bag was ok, containing actual fabrics, of the same kind that she said there would be. None of them were the ones from the picture though. The other bag was a totally different story. What was supposed to be woven fabrics turned out to be 90% old curtains, tablecloths and Christmas-y stuff. Sure, made from woven fabrics, but almost nothing would work for sewing something else. Need I say that the picture on the auction was not of those fabrics? Sigh.

Anyway, I think I can use most of it anyway, even though I just added even more halfway-to-impossible fabrics to my stash (the exact opposite of my current plan, of course). I really feel like I got the pig in the poke. Guess it was about time to learn that lesson as well...

The pig:

 The fabrics I will keep...
Two sets of fleece that will make nice sweaters for winter - ok.
Classic striped knit - yay!
Weird green loose knit - cute, but what on earth am I going to do with it?
 Stretchy less heavy knits. Perfect for warmer tops. I like red, so I might feel less intimidated by the amount when they aren't in the same pile... but the green stripey one? Hm.
These three were the only usable fabrics off the 'woven fabric' pile. I love the striped multicolor linen and plan on making some of it into hippie pants that I can lounge around in! The light green patterned one is really thick and sturdy, and I feel some sort of fifties vibe from it. Don't know what to do with it though since it is super heavy... And jeans fabric works all the time so that's fairly good as well.
Here's the rest of the fabrics I can use for sewing, the three knits on top have a nice 80's feel to them, so hopefully I can make something fun from them... 
Then there's two shades of gray sweatshirt material, not much to say about that. There's a load of dark red heavy knit that seems to be the exact same as I have in a rtw sweater I bought last winter. Kinda dull, but maybe I can make something for someone else with it? 
In the bottom is an old bedspread. The fabric is great, (I'm thinking an autumn coat, looking a bit like the one in my inspiration collage below, Vogue Paris Original 1478) but the color is a bit blah. Maybe I'll try to dye it? (Will probably weigh 600 kilos when wet though so maybe not. Hm.
 All of this is the Christmas stuff... I'm keeping the good curtains and tablecloths, so it's not a total waste anyway.
 The big bunch of baby- and kids fabrics. I will sell these next time I put things up on Tradera myself. They are cute, but even if I had babies (which will most likely not happen soon anyway) these fabrics wouldn't be my style. Hopefully they can make someone else happy instead!
Last but not least there are three sets of curtains in this fabric. And some unused fabric of it. I can see that once upon a time it was probably not cheap , and it is cute - but oh, so not my style. Should I sell it? Should I keep it for sunnier days? Does someone want it? (A fine hint here for my mum, maybe? --> Mamma, gillar du/vill du ha gardinerna?)

Overall, I know I got some really good things - just not the ones I expected. So I guess I'm fairly happy anyway! The things I don't want I can always sell (but without pig-poking it, I don't work like that!).

Hope you all will have a sew great weekend!

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  1. Hey big sis, I always need some extra curtains... you know, since the ones I have now only cover half of the window...
    On another note, what a bummer to get all those weird fabrics! At least some were workable.
    The stiff heavy green fabric could perhaps get turned into a cute vest? With a matching short skirt...? (Okay, cowboy-getup, maybe not so cool. An idea at least) Hugs from your lil'sis!