Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Simple top and extra retarded pics of me...

About two weeks ago, I made a simple top out of yet another cute fabric from my awesome stash...

I didn't take any pics of it, or me in it at the time, cause my inspiration level was zero. However I wore it last week at my brothers BBQ, so I figured, why not share those pics with you. Definitely not the typical look-what-I-sewed-pictures, if you know what I mean... heh.

First, here's the pattern I used, burda couture 4499. As always, the year is not stated on the pattern envelope or elsewhere, but I'm guessing early nineties.

....Aaaand.... here are the very gorgeous pics of me in the top, from the BBQ. Feel free to enjoy my very pretty and becoming range of beer-induced retardation ;)

Yeah, sorry about that... But it was fun, right? :)

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