Sunday, June 5, 2011

The 'absolutely amazing fabric' dress!

Early this spring I was, as usual, looking for cheap vintage fabrics on Tradera. When I found this fabric, I new I just had to have it. Very heavy, blue patterned cotton... (I think it actually was a curtain at some point...)

When I got it, I knew directly that this fabric was meant to be a long dress, there is no way I would cut it. So I made this dress, without cutting anything. I actually didn't even have to hem it, that was already done - at perfect length! I put in a zipper in the back, and then sewed the whole thing into a tube. After that, all I did was deep, 'curved' pleats, (or darts, don't exactly know what to call them) along the sides down to the waist, where I let all the fullness of the fabric come out over the hips.

Here's how it came out! And please excuse the fact that I am totally sweaty and tired in these pics, it's nine in the evening and still about 25 ºC (= 77 ºF) here. For Sweden this time of year, that is HOT! :)


  1. Beautiful. I love it! Great job.

  2. That fabric really is amazing!!! You look lovely in your new frock!