Monday, October 3, 2011

Finished: The pink Carrie dress

A little late, but for a very nice reason (visit from my mum this weekend!) the Carrie dress is finally finished! I probably spent ten hours thinking about how to construct the pattern for this one so I could make my dress as close to the original as possible... And then sewed it in maybe five.

My fabric is a pink linen that I got from mum when I was at my parents place last weekend. It was originally intended for a pair of pants but had been sitting in mums fabric stash for a long time, so she gave it to me when I said I was making a pink dress, yay! The original dress is most likely made out of a cotton/something stretchy mix.

I did a few small changes on my version, because of the stiff fabric I made it a bit more roomy so i can both breathe and move in it, also I made the pockets go all the way around to the back. This dress has a great amount of detail in it, and it was super fun to sew!

 Again here's the inspiration collage I posted in the beginning of the week that I did all my sketching from:

And this is my sketch of the construction, as far as I could see from the pictures I had, and my plans on how to cut the pattern. As you can see the skirt only consists of two pieces, the back is cut like any normal skirt, but the front is double, and cut to make the pocket that goes around to the back. Cutting the bottom half straight from the hem to where the pocket ends made the pockets stand out from the dress sides. Two oval pieces make the top of the pockets, and simple folds below create the second row of stitches and gives the pockets even more stiffness.

 (Yes, it says "Carries pink dress" "Front" and "Back" in Swedish on the sketch!)

And my finished result!

I love the dress styled just like in the movie, but it's not exactly suitable for Swedish cold and rainy autumn weather... So I added a navy blue shirt (second hand, and I've had it for twelve years, now that's quality!), a vintage belt, one of many favorite rtw tweed jackets I own, paired with dusk blue Italian leather boots I got for almost nothing in a storage clearance sale!

 (I know both shoes and shirt look black in these pictures, my camera is evil at the moment and all indoor pictures come out yellow bastards despite all efforts on fixing white balance both in camera and editing software, sigh. Must buy a grey card... )

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  1. Your dress is fabulous and the belt looks great with it.