Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween sewing: creepy crazy doll dress

So, this week we're sewing something for Halloween over at Sew Weekly. I got super exited early on... and then nothing happened. Finally, I managed to scrape myself off the couch and to the sewing machine. These last weeks I have had about a bazillion of amazing sewing ideas and not a single one on where or how to start. Putting my highly overenthusiastic plans for a 1930s glamour zombie Halloween costume (I don't actually have a Halloween party to go to, I just love making costume-y things) aside, I decided to make a simple but good looking dress in a crazy fabric I already had in my stash, to make the look of a crazy scary doll!

I took a favorite stretchy mini dress/tunic from my wardrobe and used as pattern for this one, adding self drafted sleeves. My fabric is a 1980's college sweater fabric, I got it in one of the pig-in-a-poke bags of fabric I bought super cheap this summer.

Talking about crazy, I most likely spent more time on makeup, styling and photographing this than on the actual sewing. Then I grabbed my lovely man and my camera and went outside to get to a perfect location to shoot the creepy pictures... of course passing loads of people on the way. By now the whole neighborhood probably thinks I'm a nutjob. Here's why!

I styled the dress with a black lace collar, a green belt, my favorite black heels and stripey tights from the old days of being a punk/metal/goth something (these exact ones may be from my sister, who got them from a friend, but anyway, I used to wear stuff like that, for real).

Below is a closeup of the creepy doll makeup I did.  I really love dressing up and styling and putting on crazy makeup like this!

Despite having done this dress just for the occasion, and it being in a rather crazy fabric, I'm pretty sure I will wear it again, just styled (very) differently. I'm thinking grey or offwhite tights, a neutral big sweater on top and some simple boots and it might seem not so crazy after all! :-)