Thursday, October 27, 2011

What I got in the pattern swap!

I am so happy I joined the pattern swap over at Sew Weekly! Last week two patterns were sent to me from a seller on etsy, and I've been waiting eagerly since to get the other half of the swap, with the "early christmas presents" we are adding to the patterns for fun! Today I got the parcel, all the way from Singapore and lovely lady Adey.

Here's what I got:

The 1940s dress is amazing, at the moment actually my favorite style! I am so looking forward to using the pattern! The 60s pattern is equally awesome, it has some great detail and I especially love the cape. I got a bunch of lovely notions as well, and most definitely will use them, right now I'm thinking about whether to use the silvery waist elastic or the yellow/purple buttons first! :-)

I only just posted my own parcel with a lot of fun things to another lovely lady (we were given swap recipients randomly, so we're not swapping in pairs), hopefully it won't take too long until it gets to where it's going, and hopefully she will be as happy with her gifts as I am with mine!


  1. Nice patterns, I love that 40's one!

  2. Lucky girl ! I cannot wait to get my parcel... I love not knowing who is sending.