Monday, September 26, 2011

Inspiration collage for (the color) pink challenge!

This week I am going literal on my inspiration and intend to more or less copy the oh so gorgeous hot pink vintage sheath dress that "Carrie Bradshaw" wears in Sex and the City: The Movie. I've been wanting to make this dress since I first saw it, so this weeks theme fits in perfect! (Or, well, as perfect as sewing a little pink dress in the beginning of autumn can be...) I wish I knew what brand this vintage dress is from but despite lots and lots of googleing I still have no idea.

I got the fabric, a great pink linen, from my moms fabric stash when I visited this weekend, it's a little bit lighter in color than the original but really cute! Also I'm not sure what kind of fabric the original dress is made from, but I think the linen will work fairly well anyway!

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