Saturday, September 17, 2011

A very colorful Fall Color Palette

So - It seems like just about everyone in the sewing blogosphere is doing the fall color palette thing, or at least having some sort of plan and thought to their up and coming fall sewing. Those who know me well know that me making plans is a very rare happening. (Usually if I actually make plans, they go up in smoke, perhaps because I'm so afraid they will? If I were a well paid Manhattan girl, I would probably spend a fortune on a shrink trying to take control over my fear of planning.)

However I did make some inspiration collages a bunch of weeks back, and with those in mind I sat down and painted some sort of palette of what colors I'd love to wear this fall and winter. Being me, I can not stick to just one color and work around it, so there is a little of everything in it. But then again, I wear the clothes I love year after year, and adore lots of color, always have, so I see this not only as my fall color palette for 2011, but for coming falls and winters as well!

The palette has, well, just about all colors in it. I wanted one part warm earthy tones, and the rest in bright and clear jewel colors.

Not only did I have these colors in the inspiration collages but look what I found in a recent issue of Vogue! I did the palette before I reopened the magazine and took these photos, I swear! ;)

Anyway, whatever I make will probably fit in with my palette. Not much of a challenge there. But I really love to use lots of color and match it up in ways that a lot of people might think a bit much, so even if this seems a bit over the edge I could probably make separates in these colors and combine any of them together (at least on a good day...).

Both pictures from British Vogue August 2011

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