Friday, September 9, 2011

Finished: The Homage to Mucha Dress

Here it is, my Art Noveau legend Alphonse Mucha inspired dress! (That I painted with acrylic paint!)

I wanted to make a dress that had a clear connection to the art noveau style and era without being to literal, so the basic dress that I started with is the same altered Vi-Mönster 2196 that I used for my When life gives you lemons dress. The only thing I changed was that I made the neckline square, something I did not anticipate to cause as much trouble as it did! Holy something, I mean, it took 45 minutes to sew the dress together, and then like four hours of miserable not working methods of putting that neckline together. (Not that it actually was that hard when I figured it out, I was just way way way to stressed and pms-bothered to think straight.) In the end I had to use another fabric to fill in the at that point very gaping neckline and put it back to where it was supposed to be from the beginning. After that, only the fun part left! The painting!

The flower pattern is based on an embroidery pattern from one of the books at

I chose to only paint on the front of the dress, I figured that with a pattern like that it's better not to overdo it. And also I was worried about what would happen if I would be sitting on it, after all, it is acrylic paint, haha!

Also, this was my 50'th post on this blog! Wow, time flies, but it seems I have been creating more than I think! 


  1. Så snygg, speciellt med mönstret du målat!

  2. I LOVE Mucha and that dress is perfect homage to him and Art Noveau.

    Congrats on the 50th post!