Thursday, September 8, 2011

Inspiration collage: Homage to Mucha

This weeks sewing did not quite go according to plan. You know, when the actual sewing should be a piece of cake, and it is what comes next that is supposed to be a bit of a challenge... Well, that's when you mess up.

After hours of miserable fighting over a super simple grey knit dress (with a square neckline, which for some reason just did not want to work... ) I finally had a dress. Then came the next part... Since this time on Sew Weekly, we're all about color and paint, I found my inspiration in my favorite artist of all time - Alphonse Mucha.

Some of the inspiration:

Three photos from the book about Alphonse Mucha, embroidery patterns from the art noveau era found at and... oh, super old heavy wool navy issue pants that I got from my dad about thirteen years ago. But why? See those stains in them? That's acrylic paint. It takes about two years of washing to get rid of, if ever. Ka-ching! Now there's an idea! Yes, I painted a pattern on my dress with acrylic paint, the exact same paint I use for painting on canvas. And it worked!

But you will have to wait until tomorrow to see the result cause I want to take pictures outside and not in this crappy indoor light!

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  1. Next year, i'll create blog about Prague.
    I have found your blog, I'll prepare today the first museum visited in this town (alphons Mucha)
    Do you have tittles of books? Could you have photography of embroidery?