Monday, November 14, 2011

Awesome hippie pants or "look I got my whole fall palette into one garment"

I was going to finish these for "orange week" at Sew Weekly (the week before last), then I threw my back out, but now I'm back in business! With quick jumps through time I went from the 1920's in my last post and landed smack in the middle of Woodstock era with these pants!

The fabric is heavy woven linen and used to be a bunch of curtains, I got them in the neverending pig-in-a-poke bag of odd fabrics I bought this summer. Of course I just had to take advantage of their previous state, so instead of hemming, I left the hanger fabric thingys in and cut the pants to their exact length from the start. This is what it looks like when I turn the inside out, lol!

If anyone is wondering about the guitar in the above pics, yes, I play and sing... :-)

I used Simplicity 6572 from 1974 because of the high waist, straight leg and the lovely detail that the zipper is in the back just like on a skirt! I looked at all my pants patterns to find one that would work with the width of the stripes of the fabric, and not be cut in a strange way. Those of us who have seen some Project Runway knows about crazy crotch pants, and I really really tried to avoid that... worked almost great. :-) Below is a detail of the back zipper and how I used the stripes for the waistband!

While you're at it, take a look at the cut of the jacket... wow. I just need the perfect fabric for it.

And here's one of a styling idea to make them seem a little bit less crazy (at least in my eyes... guess my acceptable level of crazy might be somewhat different from that of the average person... but I love fun clothes!) Also it's easier to see in these pics what these wonderfully weird Woodstock worthy pants actually look like!