Friday, November 11, 2011

1920's slip - for pin-up week!

This week we're doing pin-up over at Sew Weekly, and I decided (not very surprisingly) to go in another direction than the obvious 50's Marilyn Monroe type of pin-up we all think of when we hear the word. Instead I whipped up a little peachy slip, slapped on some drama-queen makeup and draped myself on our armchair like a decadent flapper girl!

 (And nope, I haven't chopped off my super long hair, it's hidden under the scarf!)

To really get in the roaring twenties mood, listen to sweet Bessie Smith here below!

Also, it's quite nice to be able to do pin-up without actually showing anything I wouldn't want to show on my blog!

...and there is a reason people always look so glamorous and
pretty in old pictures: no high definition. Who could tell from these pics that I'm totally sleep deprived from having a thrown out back and all zombielike from the painkillers I have to take to fix it?

Anyway, here's what the slip actually looks like!

It's entirely made from scraps and freebies from my stash and cost me less than two dollars! The darker peach is a cheap shiny poly-something, and the lighter peach/nude fabric is a finer lining fabric. I got the fringe off Swedish eBay a while ago for almost nothing, and my sister gave me the vintage crochet lace for my birthday this summer!

Took about two hours of sewing to make this cute little thing, and my back is very unhappy with me now but oh well, at least I'm happier that I got to sew again finally!


  1. Did you draft the slip yourself? Its lovely. Hope your back is better soon.

  2. Actually, this is soooo clever! You're right, the key to everything is to show some and leave the suggestion of what could have been .... Love your little camisole, so flirtatious.

  3. I have a vintage photo of Josephine Baker that reminds me of this! Your slip is so pretty! I am starting a sewing linky party today called Sew & Tell Saturday at my website and I am hoping to get some vintage sewists aboard to post their projects because there aren't any sewing linky parties to show off vintage creations. I hope you can come over and post a link to your blog today! Thanks so much!
    Justine @ Sew Country Chick

  4. What a beautiful slip! Looks lovely with the pretty lace edging, and must feel beautifully luxe against the skin. And I love your photo shoot!