Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas came early this year!

Trolling around Tradera (the Swedish version of eBay) a few days back, I found something amazing. Really old and most likely quite rare vintage patterns, in my size! Look at these beauties!

I thought for a second, googled them (and found other copies nowhere!) and then hit "Buy Now". Got both for 145 SEK including postal fees... that's about 20 USD, and, dare I say, nothing for these darlings. (Sometimes it's really ok to be your own Santa!)

Spending a few hours on research I found out approximately what years these were made: The McCall 7727 is from 1949 (that one was easy, since no. 7726 is on vintagepatterns.wikia.com, looks stylewise very similar to this one, and is from 1949). The Vogue Special Design 4553 was a bit harder to place but I could at last conclude that it's from either 1943 or 1944. This makes it my oldest pattern!

I am so happy for these, it's crazy! :-D Even more so when I think about those thin and fragile pattern pieces being almost 70 years old! I will definitely have to copy them onto new and fresh pattern paper before I use them...  but first I need to unwrinkle them, the ones for the Vogue pattern look as though the last person who used them threw a tantrum and just mashed them back into the envelope... :-/ Wish me good luck!


  1. The suit on the right is amazing! Great finds, I will need to check out Tradera.

  2. I really get annoyed sometimes when I get a vintage pattern, take out the pieces and find evidence of obvious abuse....like taping, crumpling, etc. Drives me crazy! Those are some beauties what great finds.