Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tunic is finished despite evil pattern!

I got out of the sewers block pretty much directly after posting about it... I guess that's how it works, as soon as everyone knows, you can't stay a slacker! ;)

As I showed you yesterday, my plan was to use a 1960 dress pattern and shorten it to make a nice and simple tunic. Should have been easy...

I cut the pattern and everything looked fine.. only thing changed was some extra fabric added to the front piece to make sure my boobs would have some space. Now that I look at the picture I can see that the pieces have very low and short shoulders and small neck. I know that 60's fashion usually is a bit tight around the neck and shoulders, but this was bad!

The crazy thing is that it looked only a little bit weird all up until I finished the neck, the kind of weird that usually disappear when it's all done. This is the most annoying part of sewing, that you can sew, try it on, sew just a few more seams, and then the whole thing looks completely different on you.

Not so pretty folds up front, and miserable hemming around the neck... At this point, when I tried it on, it looked like it was the right size for a skinny twelve year old around the neck and shoulders, and for someone very pregnant elsewhere. Plus the shoulder seams were halfway over on the front... Angry time!! After a few minutes of despairing and yelling at my poor boyfriend, I decided to chop up the shoulders of the dress and add about 10cm more fabric.

...which, ironically, solved the whole problem. I did not have to change anything else, and the arms of the tunic fitted perfectly in the armholes that were now this much wider... Hm, non-functioning pattern anyone? Heh. That pattern is gonna be tucked away deep down in the pile where it can't hurt anyone.

So, time for the truth: how did it come out? Here it is! (My boyfriend has taken the pictures of me, and the wonderful place we're at is just a five minute walk from where we live. Nice huh?)

Also, look at these wonderful little fellows we saw on our walk:

I love summer...

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