Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rainbow dress and a curse!

I'm finally on vacation! No more management studies, no more Japanese summer class. Finally, nothing I must do... Of course it's raining.

However, that means more time for sewing! Today, my plan was to finish/save a shorts project I had started a couple of weeks ago. They were made of way-too-lightweight fabric and were more than just a little see-through, so I was going to make them in another fabric as well, and then sew them together and make them reversible... Yeah, great plan. I've learned today that when making something like that, if you do not cut and sew all pieces at the same time, they will not be the same size. Also, I have to stop trying to sew zippers on the machine, it almost always gets stuck and looks like crap. So, basically, I ended up with two pairs of unwearable shorts, semi-sewn together. I cut the zipper out and just tossed the rest. Oh well, the fabrics were super cheap/almost for free anyway.

After being cranky for a bit, I ended up doing something a lot less useful, but very very pretty instead. On Friday, after the final exams in my Japanese classes, I went thrift shopping! I found a few great things, among them this wonderful silky fabric that looked like a whole rainbow... for 10SEK (thats about 1,5 USD)!!!

Noticing that the fabric frayed like crazy, I very quickly decided not to cut it at all... And made a tube dress of it.

To make the dress simpler and less gala (the fabric!) I used elastic ribbon both on top and in two rows around the waist to hold the fullness in. In the picture below, you can see all the lovely colors of the fabric!

For once, I actually made the inside look pretty as well!

So how does it look on me? Like this:
(Please overlook weird face and major tan lines! ;) )

...apparently some of the ribbon I used to make the hem stand out a bit is rolling over and peeking out... I will get that fixed.

Anyway, so what about the curse? I seem to be unable to make those everyday thingys, simple tops and shorts. It always messes itself up. However, whipping up a dress like this one took me three hours. Must be a curse. (I'm planning on breaking it tomorrow though if the weather stays this crappy...)

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