Thursday, July 7, 2011

New patterns and "sewers block"

I have been a bad blogger for a while now, days are just rushing by like crazy. But I am having fun! However I am having a bit of sewers block, or what one should call it. I have loads of fabric and patterns I want to use... I just don't know where to begin, so instead I do nothing :P (Or, well, there has been a large amount of friends, traveling, concerts and a significant amount of beer lately.)

These things are of course not stopping me from getting new patterns... I am becoming more and more like my dad in terms of collecting stuff for later, in huge stashes. But they will be used, someday, I'm sure.. eh. So today I threw myself at some old 50's and 60's patterns that just came up on Tradera, and way too cheap for me to say no to. Then it turned out that the seller lived very close to me, so I could just walk there and get the patterns today - great success! (I really hate waiting...)

Here are the patterns! In one of the plastic bags there were three patterns, one of them a kid's pattern. I might let this one go in a future giveaway, since I have no kids (yet, and if I keep the pattern planning on making that cute little girls coat in the future, I bet I will only have boys, haha!) The third pattern from that bag has no picture, and no instructions, but from the pieces it looks really interesting. I am thinking of trying to make that dress first just to know what it will look like!

By the way, if you have any tips or suggestions on what to do to break the curse of not being able to start a new project, please let me know, this is getting annoying! ;)


  1. Great patterns! I guess you just need to decide and do the one you like most, I mean all you need it is to start!
    I have several patterns also without doing and I keep buying more ! the same with fabric, I have fabric waiting to be sewed hehehe

  2. Lovely patterns! I'm a major collector as well!!

  3. I picked up 19 patterns yesterday at the thrift store. I am still looking at them! I would love to have a few Swedish patterns so I will be watching for your giveaway and maybe try to purchase from the site you listed.

  4. Oh my god, these are so much fun to see, I almost never find any old patterns here in Sweden (not that I've looked that much lately, but still...) These are all styles that I can imagine my grandmother could have sewn back in the day, even if she always made her own patterns :)