Friday, July 15, 2011

New project: Crochet bikini!

It's been a little quiet here for a few days... I don't really have a great excuse for not sewing, I have even a super simple skirt cut out laying on the sewing table, I just haven't got to take the sewing machine out. (I must have it in its case when I'm not using it because of the way-too-curious cats.)

So, anyway, I'm up to something I haven't done since, well maybe it was ten years ago, crochet! There are crochet bikinis everywhere I look right now (and they are NOT cheap I tell you) so I am currently making a bikini, 70's style! :D This is so much fun, why did I ever stop? It is going to be white and yellow (and perhaps a third color, I am just about to go and dig through my stash...)

Here are some inspiration pictures (courtesy of  "cemetarian La Dolce Vintage", pics found via google)


  1. Wow! I'm loving this project! Are you following a pattern?? Please ... post pictures of this!

  2. Actually I've looked at a few patterns but I finally decided to just improvise my way through. I will probably post about the process once I'm finished though. Hopefully it will turn out well! :)

  3. Exited to see some pics later on then!