Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spring fabrics, patterns and more plans...


Days go by so fast and still no sewing! Instead I've spent hours upon hours of looking through my patterns, pattern magazines and trolling Pinterest for even more inspiration (like I need more...? I need less! Don't know where to start...)

Anyway, since I promised little over a week ago (in my inspiration collages post, here) I would share what fabrics and patterns are in the plans for spring, here goes!

Grey, beige and brown with a hint of pink for skirts and pants.
Light, bright and cute cotton and polyester in stripes, florals and gingham for tops, shirts and dresses.
Pops of color and more luxe fabrics for even more tops and such. From top: black peachskin polyester, blue crepe georgette, hot pink silk charmeuse, bright red chiffon and then one more silk (that is much brighter orange irl than in the picture!)
Late 40s to 50s skirts. I also really want to make a more 1930s type of slim skirt and I have no pattern for that but I think I will make a pattern myself referencing some pattern envelopes and fashion plates from the period.

Adorable 1950s blouses!

Wide pants to wear at the office... patterns from early to late 1970s

And a dress maybe... don't really need anymore dresses but... yeah. I most of all want to make the McCall from 1949, love love love the look!

Also there's the pile of new and semi-new burda magazines... I think these are good for relaxed tops, patterns where I get to use stretch fabrics and some current ideas.

Aaaand of course the pile of old burda and neue mode magazines, the ones I've got span from 1969 to 1982 so lots of reat ideas there as well...
You see why I can't decide where to start right?

Have a great week, hopefully next time I post I will actually have sewn something!

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  1. this all seems very familiar to me! I have the same problem, I find choosing something I really love and truly inspired by otherwise it just feels like an effort.