Friday, March 4, 2016

Inspiration collages for spring 2016

So, I've been spending some time planning what I want to make for spring! I realized that even if making dresses is great fun, what I really need is separates. Something that works an ordinary day at the office or just when I want to look great for a date with the husband but not wear a dress! Blouses, shirts, skirts, dressy pants... All those things that are a bit more tricky to sew than just another shift dress. But I figured, if I pulled off making the wedding dress last year, a buttoned blouse couldn't possibly be any worse.
I have some great "new" sewing patterns from the 1940s and 1950s that I am coosing between, and some old and new issues of Burda Style for more current fashion ideas... (and perhaps one or two 1960s/1970s patterns as well) so um, lots more than I actually need and have time for...
I managed to snag some absolutely fantastic fabrics from the thrift store located next door to my current workplace... I have never been so tempted to compulsively shop everyday in my life! Have to stay at work long enough to make sure I more or less have to run to the train to make sure I don't "just pop in for a quick look"... Plus everything is embarrassingly cheap! Also I just bought some new fabrics online that are being shipped right now, cant wait too see them!. 
While waiting for fabrics and deciding which patterns to use, I thought I'd share some inspiration from my newly acquired Pinterest account and boards, here:
(All following pics are (c) their respective owners and found on Pinterest.  Had the "embed function" still worked on Blogger I would have done that, but sadly, I tried and nope.)
White blouses galore!
Office wear, suits and more
All kinds of great skirts
Gingham, blues, yellows, corals, reds...
This is where I'm at right now, but it'll most likely change a bit here and there, and then comes summer and I'll probably want even more colours and prints. But anyway, finding inspiration is great fun!

I'll be back to show you my new patterns and fabrics soon! Until then, have a great week and hang in there, spring IS coming!

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