Thursday, November 29, 2012

UFO t-shirts now finished

UFO-time! (UnFinished Objects, that is!)

I've had the bodices for these t-shirts cut and then folded and put away since... 2006, maybe. Each time I was thinking of what to sew next I would take them out, think "meh, boring" and put them back in the drawer... But not yesterday!

Here's the result of barely two hours of sewing. Very basic and comfy! I made them quite long, both because I have a long torso (my rtw tops usually have to be pulled back down every two seconds, I do have better things to do, lol) and also so I can wear these both with jeans and with leggings.

Just before I finished the second t-shirt, I managed to slip with the scissors and make a tiny hole in the fabric in the front... Hence the somewhat random flower applique. Fairly good save, though.

I used this 1960's pattern for the sleeves and the neckline on the purple t-shirt.

And of course I had some help from Pippin the cat, who tends to step on everything I'm holding, eat thread and play football with anything that falls to the floor...

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  1. They were just waiting for the perfect time to become shirts. :) I love the flower 'save.'