Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pearl buttons cardi makeover

So, despite now having a sewing room (a.k.a guest room) again, getting in front of the sewing machine seems... hard. I actually got as far as to choosing a nice classic skirt pattern and taking out a really cool fabric... but then I ran out of energy. Maybe tomorrow...

A couple of hours later and very frustrated I decided to do something very easy but rewarding, I changed buttons in a favorite cardigan! It only had three of five buttons left, and they were the cheap and boring kind... Solution? Vintage pearl buttons!

Cardi with original buttons

Sewing time!

The finished result, modeled by a headless me in gray sweats, very fashionable!


  1. Very pretty buttons! I know what you talk about, sometimes it happens to me, I want to do (sew) something but then I say " na, better tomorrow" hehe

  2. I know how you feel. I have a much easier time knitting and embroidering during the winter. It's hard work to get me in front of a sewing machine. I have a 2-hour class once a week and that's about the only time I do any sewing!