Thursday, May 19, 2011

My new and upgraded fabric stash (now without cat)!

Just in time for my last day of desperate writing before handing in my thesis before examinations... I got a delivery!

About a week ago I won an auction (this is starting to be more and more like a hobby - I really need to get the actual sewing going soon...) on Tradera, there was this man that seemingly had found an old stash of unused fabric remnants. There was a pic, but that did not say all that much. The info said that it was fabric from the 50's, 60's and 70's, and in various sizes. I took a shot, got the whole thing for about 100 SEK, including postal fees! And am I glad I did!

Look at this stash!

There were so many gorgeous fabrics! The red-ish paisley one on far right is real silk (It says so on the label from the fabric store, it still has it on, a lot of them do!) And most of them are big enough to make whatever I feel like making of them. Only a few of the fabrics are so small that they might just become a tiny top or such. (And the silky ones can always become cute vintage underwear, if nothing else) :D Just what I needed after spree shopping new patterns!

Tonight I will finish up my thesis, and tomorrow me and my darling are going to Edinburgh for the weekend, but after that... There will be some sewing, I tell you! :D

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