Sunday, May 3, 2015

Vintage lace and more wedding dress planning

So, the sewing is coming along fairly well, despite a few oh-I-should-have-bought-this-and-that... As always. Little Miss Last Minute (soon to be Mrs Last Minute, as my future husband is pretty much as bad as me).

One of the more lovely issues of the moment is which of, and if so how much of these vintage lace ribbons I will use. Also, the heavy woven fabric at the top may or may not become part of the waistband for the skirt of the dress... 

Also I have some leftover gold and silver trimmings from a dress I made for one of my best friends for her graduation a bunch of years ago. It has been sitting in my stash since and I was wondering if this might not be the time to put it to use...

I have this lace that I most likely will use on the dress... and I think, that with the gold/silver trimming weaved into it, would look even better (second picture)? (Yes I know the lace is "wrong side out", with the nice edge towards the seam. Good thing it's only pinned in place for comparison!) 

What do you think?

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  1. I love the gold and silver trimming! And the texture of that fabric on the right is WOW!! :)