Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Birthday dress inspiration

And with birthday dress I mean an actual dress and not the... not so dressed option.

I really want to make a new dress for my birthday, and I have two weeks to go. I have a great printed cotton with blue flowers on white in my stash and it would be great for making a classic fifties dress... So with this one I might turn back time a good 60 years, to late summer 1952. Seems much more fun than to turn 29 if you ask me, anyway.

So, here's some inspiration. No collage today but loads of pretty pictures!

(All pictures via google and the vintage patterns wikia)

Lovely dresses and patterns, right? All the patterns are (as far as I know) from 1952!

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  1. Such lovely dresses! Blue-and-white is so fresh and cool for summer. Please post photos of your creation.