Thursday, June 7, 2012

Clogs, oh yes!

Not everything on sale is bad.

I pass by (in other words through) a shoe shop on my way from work almost everyday. I look at the shoes, try them on, decide they are way too expensive, and go home. I'm still on the verge of not making payments after being out of a job for months... But today, among the loads of boring and ugly shoes on sale, I found these darlings, 75% off! Last pair, and in my size (how often does that happen?) So, instead of tomorrows standard Friday night pizza (you've got to count some fun and tasty into that tight budget or life will be way too dull!), I got a pair of clogs for 99 SEK (=about 13 USD)!

Very fashionably paired with gray sweatpants, because I didn't feel like changing back to the cream white chinos I wore to work today just to photograph the shoes, but now I've told you I'm sure you all can imagine how great that would look?

I just love them! I'm sure mum would say that's just because I wasn't around last time clogs were in fashion, but anyway!

Also, it doesn't hurt that they look a bit like these Steve Madden ones that cost 90 USD

Or that Alexa Chung wore clogs on the cover of Vogue.

On another note I am making plans for this years midsummer's dress (two weeks to go!), but I'll tell you more about that in my next post!

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